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Alan Bridges

As I wrote in the "about me", I am Alan Bridges a 30-year old paro of credit to the neck and a salary at the level of the national average. I live in Reno (USA), in a medium-sized apartment and I drive mid-range car.

I bet that to a large extent, this brief description also fits you. As you can see I am an ordinary guy who through knowledge, many austerities and has reached financial stability. I do not flow in luxuries and riches I still far away and it really does not aspire to it. The only thing I want is to ensure financial security for my family.

I started my blog in order to gained my experience and knowledge to share with others and increase financial intelligence in society.

You can find information about creating a household budget, saving, investing, and personal development. Described problems will try to rely on real costs and revenues 4-person family, you easily could relate them to their own situation. Remember, however, that I am not omniscient guru, I do not have a monopoly on the right, and in my life I happen to make bad decisions, including financial.

I have given examples can sometimes be far from your financial situation and life. However, I very much hope that you will find on the blog a few tips and the "patent", the application of which actually improve the condition of your wallet.

He writes this blog also for themselves. I want in this way to systematize, to sort out in my head my existing information. I hope also that the writing gives me an additional incentive for continuous pursuit of the objectives set and broaden your knowledge.

So you can see how my way to the top, I periodically post on something of a financial report with the description of the portfolio. I hope to gain in this way extra motivation and I count on your suggestions in the comments.