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Sale of motorcycles of 125 cc tripled after the change of the law on vehicle drivers.

Sales results for the first quarter of changes in the law on vehicle drivers confirm that the amendment materially affected the motorcycle market and consumer behavior.

Until July this year. motorcycle market in Poland remained at a level of sales similar to 2016, and its growth rate was zero. The situation radically changed the amendment to the law on driving vehicles, signed by the President on July 16.

In the period from July to November 2014 were registered in 2674 art new motorcycles with a capacity of 125 cc, which is 300% more than in the same period last year. The maximum increase in sales of motorcycles 125cc occurred in October, when the market grew by 550% compared to the same month in 2016.

Many car drivers still do not know that it can move a motorcycle without additional permission. We believe, therefore, that this market has a chance to continue the dynamic development, because motorcycles 125cc choose mainly middle-aged people, or a group of consumers with the greatest potential buying decisions, "says Agnieszka Starzyk, director Romet Motors.

Sales of motorcycles 125cc ahead of the most popular models with the most severe engine capacity above 750 cc and now represents 40% of all motorcycles sold. In the last quarter shows the changing preferences of customers regarding the selection of the type of motorcycle. Most Popular Models 125 ccm belong to the group Street Bike, but the greatest sales growth segment reported Big Scooter, who moved up to second place in market share.

The data confirms PZPM Romet, which since 2008 sells most of motorcycles "The best selling models of 125 cc with a classic design and the best value for money - there is the unquestioned leader Romet K125. But the biggest growth this year - more than 200% - was recorded in the group Big Scooter - probably because they are the most comfortable vehicles to navigate the congested cities, "comments Agnieszka Starzyk.

Romet intends to continue the development of the segment of motorcycles of 125 cc to fully meet the needs of the market. The company has prepared for this, among others, enriching the offer of commercial cooperation for another franchise formats automotive and large area with good location and visual identification. It has been reinforced section of the product and design, whose task is to match products to the target group of vehicles with a capacity of 125 cc (21 plus), which expects specific functional solutions in vehicles, as well as the appropriate color and decal.

"As the only brand we were prepared for the high growth in demand prior to the entry amendment and secured increased availability of vehicles 125 cc. Many new products for the season 2016 is already in distribution or goes on sale in the coming weeks "- summarizes Agnieszka Starzyk, director Romet Motors.

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