Business licensed

Business license

In this text you will learn:

  1. the difference between a permit from the concession,
  2. what forms of activity require a license,
  3. how to get a license,

There are forms of economic activity regulated by the state. If you want to perform, you need a permit. In turn, the concessions include those businesses, where the role is played by state security, the interest of citizens, or the so-called other important public interest.

Part businesses can drive without a license. We need, however, it is an entry from the directory of companies doing so. regulated activity. Such a "regular" license enable you to sometimes lucrative venture, although sometimes on a smaller scale than the licensed businesses. Your company will have them when obtains the relevant authorities in the so-called entry. register of regulated activity.

Permits require conducting such businesses as .:

- Organization of tourist events - created when the tourist office and you are called. tour operator or the intermediary travel services, and you want to organize the event, you have to get entry in the Register of Tourism Organizers and Tourist Agents, which is run by the Marshal's Office. The entry is a form of permission to operate.

- Hunting by foreigners organized in Polish - you have a travel agency and want to expand their business, attracting foreigners to the Polish hunting. Poland is a popular country for hunters from Scandinavia, especially in Sweden. You can do this, but first report it to the Polish Hunting Association.

- Centre for driving for drivers - if you want to open and to train students, you need the entry in the register kept by the district governor of the district. The office of the governor can check if you have a car with the appropriate equipment, maneuvering squares and if you hire qualified instructors.

- Bureau of Investigation - want to be a detective or hire detectives? It is necessary permit from the Ministry of Internal Affairs. It is not easy to get, because you need to demonstrate not only have no record, but also the appropriate qualifications and experience. Detective companies often open were police officers and retired employees of special services.

- Commonly known example of regulated activity is the sale of alcoholic beverages. You have a shop or a place to eat? Allowing the sale of alcohol will give you a mayor, or president of the city and the marshal of the province or the minister responsible for economic affairs (if you want to lead a warehouse).

Councillors have the right to independently determine the distance of the point allowed alcohol seller of the church, kindergartens and schools, and set a limit of points of sale of beverages containing more than 4.5 percent. alcohol (except beers), setting rules for their location. Before applying for a permit to sell alcohol count accurately, whether it will be profitable. It depends on whether it is eg. Store urban or rural, is located in a good, busy point, or worse, what kind of people live in the neighborhood and so on. If you want to sell all kinds of drinks, you have to reckon with the cost of an annual of 3150 usdotys .

- Conducting currency - if you want to open the point labeled "Exchange" alone can not be a criminal record. But that's not all - a criminal record must also be your employees. Permission for the entry of the money changers seems the Polish National Bank - a branch of the district.

- Opening of the doctor's office or nursing - is not enough that you're a doctor. You must be a practicing physician. Essential you will be entered in the register of curative activities of the regional medical council - the right for the place you live.

Give concessions requires 7 types of economic activity. You must have a license if you want to create: a mining company - if you want to search for and extract deposits of gas and oil, to acquire the deposits of minerals such as, among others, coal, metal ores, the precious stones used in construction, salt, peat, etc., and also be stored and stored underground waste you have to try to get a license in the Ministry of Environmental Protection. Concession District Governor will allow you to extract minerals but not covered by the mining law. The company producing or firearms dealers - if your company will receive for this concession, thereby gaining the right to manufacture and trade in explosives, arms and ammunition and technology for military or police. The concession gives the Ministry of the Interior.

Energy company - license will enable you to manufacturing, processing, storage, transmission, distribution and marketing of fuels and energy. The license must apply to the Energy Regulatory Office. Security company - you can take care of the protection of people and property companies. To obtain a license, head your steps to the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Television or radio - the license covers the distribution of radio and television programs on terrestrial, satellite or cable networks. You need not have programs distributed online only. Broadcast license grants the National Broadcasting Council (NBC). Air company - license includes transporting passengers and goods airplanes and other flying machines. Casino games - you can get it for 6 years. Importantly, one license covers the conduct of one casino. It is also important that you have to prove that the money be used for making the opening of casinos are from a legitimate source. The share capital of your company which will carry out the casino, can not be lower than 4 million. The village composed of up to 250 thousand. residents can only operate one casino. Concessions granted by the Ministry of Finance.

The relevant authorities are applying for the issue of licenses. You join it required by the documents related to the specific nature of the industry in which you operate. The Office may invite the entrepreneur to be completed within 14 days of the missing documentation. Immediately bring a statement of arrears in payments of receivables budget. Recently, instead of collecting some documents, eg. A criminal record, you can make a unilateral declaration - of course, under penalty of criminal liability for making false statements. For issuance of a license must pay a fee stamp duty. It amounts to 616 usd. For the same promise of a license you have to pay 98 usd. Proof of stamp duty should be attached to the application for a license or other document. Promise, that is ... Also note that in the period of completing the documentation the company may apply for a promise to concessions, which promise a positive body dealing with the case after the completion of all documentation. If in a given year was published a small number of concessions, this information is included in the Polish Monitor. With an unexpectedly large number of companies applying for a license shall be declared the auction.

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