Why have a corporate website is important in running a business?

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In the twenty-first century, when a huge number of customers moved its focus to the Internet, virtually no company can afford to absence in the virtual space. Adapt to current trends and consumer behavior can be very beneficial for the company, at least for several reasons. The following discussion of the most important of them.

Reason 1. Questions branding

Having a company website provides opportunities for the active image building and brand awareness in the consumer's eyes. A good first impression can have on the customer's via its own carefully executed website. Visually attractive graphic template with thought-shaped logo in the recipient's subconscious belief in the robustness and reliability of the company. The owners running frequently updated, clear and transparent website are perceived by consumers and business partners as trustworthy business partners. For medium and large companies corporate website has long been a foundation on which to build the company's credibility.

Reason 2. Issues sales

Company website is a kind of portfolio, especially for companies dealing with the implementation of all kinds of services. The "Our projects" allows the presentation of already completed projects. This type of site on the web will be suitable for those with different profiles of activity - as well check in case of performing woodwork door, as well as a portfolio of local patisserie. On the website you can also implement an online store through which conducted will sell products and services. Individual functionality also allow the respective individual orders, make returns and complaints, and issuing an opinion on the transaction.

Definitely worth to expand business activities of the trade online. According to the study prepared by Sociomantic Labs entitled "Barometer of e-commerce 2016", the value of e-commerce market in Poland reached this year, 36 billion dollars. According to forecasts, in 2020 the value exceeds the threshold of 63 billion zlotys.

Reason 3: Issues visibility

According to research, 90% of Poles use every day with the Google search engine. The fact is that more and more people are looking for the help of information about products and services using mobile devices. Thanks to them, standing in a traffic jam, waiting for the bus or sitting in a coffee shop customers can quickly and easily view the company's offer on the screen of your smartphone. Website adapted for mobile devices to easily indicate company headquarters, its opening hours, and suggest the most convenient access to it. The company's website increases the chances of noticing the brand not only by the residents of the city in which he is established, but also extends the reach of the company from the local to the global.

Reason # 4: Reaching to the customer with an offer

Website gives space to an attractive presentation of the products of the company. Presentation of the offer brand is carried out with details of the materials used, raw materials and fabrics. In the case of an online store, it is important to provide full product specifications, table sizes and pricing. On the other hand, in the case of services to the fore information on the scope of the work, the time of their execution and costs. Website of the company allows to include this type of information in one place, and make necessary updates in the event of modifications, availability of materials or price changes.

Reason 5: The possibility of promotion (for example, via AdWords)

Google AdWords gives you a great opportunity to promote their company through advertising targeted directly to people interested in our activity. Google AdWords is the ideal tool for customers who come to the site with the intention of purchase. An effective advertising campaign can also start in social media - even through Facebook Ads tool. This medium, in turn, is ideal for gathering leads, or potential customers, or increase the traffic to the company website. Another advantage is the fact that advertising campaigns on Facebook, you can monitor in Google Analytics. The mechanism of Facebook advertising is much better when it comes to targeting the message - you can use the advanced methods of ad targeting. Google AdWords, in turn, is better suited for advertising reach, enabling the promotion of a Google search, advertising networks and mobile applications.

Reason 6: E-mail company

Corporate e-mail inspires confidence on the part of customers, and therefore is a solution suitable for reasons of image and sales. E-mail address is indispensable for fast and convenient communication with clients and contractors.

In summary, company website nowadays is a kind of standard. It gives unfettered opportunities to reach the offer to potential customers on a previously unknown scale, exceeding the boundaries of cities, provinces and countries. The company's presence on the Internet makes in the minds of consumers strongly increasing brand awareness. Reasons why you should have a corporate website is so much that the decision on its premise is obvious.