What mistakes are made, even the best traders, when they act under pressure?


Have you met once with the saying: "It is easier to produce than to sell something?" Yes? This probably stems from the fact that we live in times in which the production capacity of companies significantly ahead of the purchasing power of customers. In other words, the business offers inexhaustible resources of goods and services, and consumers are increasingly snake in your pocket. Through the years of doing business I learned to see offered by the company's products in one specific way that you can determine the symbol "R". Searching for "R" I spend most of his professional time. Do you want to know what word I'm saying? Sure, I'll tell you. But not right away.

I want you wondered what convinces you happen to choose specific hardware or services?

  • price?
  • quality?
  • Colour?
  • weight?
  • availability?
  • beautiful design?
  • functionality?
  • prestige?
  • "R"?

If you are a classic consumer, it certainly can appreciate all of the elements. If you were a salesperson, however, it is the most important you remember that really products are sold primarily by "R".

Irritated you already? Well, then cut to the chase. Mysterious "R" are RESULTS.

So, in a nutshell, solutions to the problems faced by your client. The customer is not interested, that your product is one way or another, provided that it takes care of the customer "job". "As long as you are able to clearly and lucidly present productive solutions to the challenges with which has to deal with your client, you do not have to worry about whether you will be able to sell your product or service."

It's a bit too simple and beautiful to be true? The fact that this rule is simple and beautiful fact. Unfortunately, the whole trick is to know what results to expect from us our consumers. Nothing is worse than offering juicy steak'a weganowi or inviting nudysty presentations swimsuit, seriously, seriously.

Well, we have come to the point: What are the most common mistakes traders make?

  1. lack of knowledge of customer needs,
  2. focus on the characteristics of products,
  3. skipping the benefits of using the product,
  4. the desire to finalize the transaction as soon as possible,
  5. skipping the role of relationships in decision-making,
  6. underestimation of the importance of emotions in sales,
  7. attempts to automate the sales process,
  8. neglect clients in after-sales.
  9. If you want to be effective before each meeting with a potential client get knowledge on the following topics:

  • what the customer actually needs,
  • what results you can provide,
  • or one of his friends could "confirm your competence" (social proof)
  • if the customer has a budget in times of crisis, we must keep our feet on the ground, the customer may want from you everything you need to know, however, whether it be for you,
  • make sure that you are in a good mood, emotional excellent work in sales is one of the best factors of competitive advantage;

Finally, remember one thing: "Sales is a process." Usually, we need a couple of meetings with the client, that took us confidence and worked his doubts. If the first two meetings do not end with the signing of the contract, the time to start planning a third. Effective sales may require up to 6 meetings. Typically, the higher the weight of the contract, the decision-making process is longer. In the case of services, consulting and training takes about a month to as much as two years, an average of three months. The better prepared, however, is a process of communication and bidding, including those processes are shorter. By using Sales 2.0 tools can effectively communicate with customers, even if they physically we are off duty. How to do it? About this in the next post :)

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